Sandy the writer and her muse.

A Comic by Emma Vogt

Writing is hard. Just ask Sandy; she's an aspiring author. At least she has her shape-shifting muse to give inspiration. Even if it's not always the inspiration she's looking for.

Writer's Block by Emma Vogt
June 2023

Panel 1
Sandy holds a purple cube at a writing desk.
Sandy: Why's it called Writer's Block anyway?
Panel 2
Sandy looks surprised as the cube lifts from her hand and starts to lose its rigid shape.
Panel 3
The cube is transforming into a blob that resembles a human.
Panel 4
The transformation is complete as the blob is now an ethereal purple woman with long floating lavender hair. This is Sandy's Muse.
Muse: Because "Writer's Clog" sounds stupid.
Sandy stares past her muse, frowning at this unhelpful burst of inspiration.

Bedtime by Emma Vogt
July 2023

Panel 1
Sandy brushes her teeth.
Panel 2
Sandy reads a book sitting up in bed.
Panel 3
Sandy is in bed, lights out, eyes closed.
Panel 4
Sandy's Muses shows up. Sandy's eyes pop open.
Muse: Yo writer girl, I have an idea for you.
Sandy: Now?!

Notebooks by Emma Vogt
August 2023

Panel 1
Sandy's Muse shows off a beautiful starry notebook.
Muse: Buy this notebook to write down all your ideas in!
Panel 2
Sandy: Really? I have fifteen unused at home, do I need another?
Panel 3
Muse: Yes
Sandy: True...

Clean by Emma Vogt
September 2023

Panel 1
Sandy looks eager, her muse matching her expression.
Sandy: I'm inspired! Let's write!
Muse: Let's clean first!
Sandy: Okay!
Panel 2
Sandy washes dishes with a smile, her muse helpfully holding a sponge.
Panel 3
Sandy sweeps while grinning, her muse holding the dustpan.
Panel 4
Sandy's Muse points out a dusty spot, Sandy dusts, her enthusiasm never waning.
Panel 5
Tired but satisfied, Sandy wipes her brow.
Sandy: Okay, ready to write?
Muse: Do what now?

Resolutions by Emma Vogt
January 2024

Panel 1
Sandy and her Muse raise their hands in a determined gesture.
Sandy: This is the year I get fit!
Muse: And write more!
Both: Yeah!
Panel 2
Sandy struggles with lifting weights while hula-hooping.
Someone off-panel: Work it!
Panel 3
Sandy sits on a bench, exhausted and in a bad mood.
Muse: Uh, at least there's still writing?

Inspired by Emma Vogt
February 2024

Panel 1
Sandy chews on a pen in thought.
Sandy: I need a title for this chapter about a food fight.
Muse: War and Peas
Panel 2
Sandy looks at her Muse in amazement.
Panel 3
Sandy: That's it!
Muse: First try!

Animal Fiction by Emma Vogt
March 2024

Panel 1
Sandy paces as she comes up with an idea; Muse sits on a nearby desk.
Sandy: Maybe I should write animal fiction.
Panel 2
Muse starts shifting form.
Muse: I've been waiting for this!
Panel 3
Muse continues to shift into a vaguely feline shape.
Panel 4
Sandy reaches out to where Muse sits as a cat now.
Sandy: Muse?
Muse: It's "Mews" now.